Vanishing Act XL Calcium Remover

Categories : Hot Tub Accessories, Hot Tub Chemicals

Brand: HotSpring Spas

SKU: WAT76536

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Vanishing Act XL Calcium Remover : Product Information

IMPORTANT SHIPPING NOTE:   This product is only available for In-Store Pickup and Delivery With Pool Opening.  It is not available for shipping.

Vanishing Act XL calcium remover bags are designed for hot tub owners in extreme hard water areas, to create a more pleasurable bathing experience, helping to extend the serviceable life of your hot tub and reduce the number of water changes needed to maintain it. Vanishing XL has 3 times the calcium reduction power of the standard Vanishing Act.

  • Removes calcium from the spa water which will decrease the need for additional chemicals
  • Keeps the amount of Total Dissolved Solids in the water to a minimum which means you do not have to change your spa water as much
  • Helps protect critical components by decreasing the hardness of the water and by preventing scaling that can occur on heaters and pumps
  • Minimizes cell cleaning
  • Use during start-up, drain, refill or any time the water hardness level is high
  • Should be placed over the heater return at the bottom of the spa for up to 24 hours
  • Should be flipped and repositioned over the heater return after 12 hours



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