FilterBalls Blü - 1 pound bag

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FilterBalls Blü - 1 pound bag : Product Information

Clean Tech Water Filtration Has Arrived!
The world’s first CleanTech water filter media has arrived. FilterBalls is a fully recyclable filter media that outperforms sand while eliminating the need to mine and transport sand. Filter sand is not beach sand. Filter sand has angular edges, while beach sand is smooth. Filter sand is no longer useful when the edges become even slightly smooth.

Pool & Spa Water Filtration

  • Superior water clarification.
  • Rated to 15 microns at 95% removal during first pass. Better than sand!
  • Use your existing sand filter housing.


  • 100x lighter than sand filter media.
  • Just one pound of FilterBalls replaces 100 pounds of sand.
  • Eliminate hauling and disposal of hundreds of pounds of sand.

Saves Money

  • FilterBalls cost less than premium filter sands.
  • One 1-pound bag replaces two 50-pound bags of sand,
  • Save on shipping.
  • Save time and effort on service, less mess.
  • Gain increased pump flow which leads to less run time. Save electricity!

Improves Operations

  • Back-washable and long lasting.
  • Much lower system pressure required.
  • Longer pump life. 

Better for the Environment

  • 100% recyclable and green!
  • Recycle your FilterBalls every three to five years.

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