Atlas Epoxybond Pool Putty

Categories : Pool Parts

Brand: Atlas

SKU: ATM530318

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Atlas Epoxybond Pool Putty : Product Information

EpoxyBond Pool Putty is a unique two-part, hand-moldable epoxy putty specially formulated for concrete or Gunite pool repairs. The convenient cartridge form provides a simple, equal mixing ratio (1 to 1).  Just cut, mix and fix. There is no need to drain pools to repair leaks and cracks because EPOXYBOND POOL PUTTY hardens under water. Once cured, it will not shrink or sag.

Typical Applications

  • Stop leaks
  • Fill cracks
  • Restore chipped tile
  • No need to drain pools…Cures under water
  • Simple 1-to-1 mix…Cut – Mix – Fix
  • Will not yellow, shrink or sag

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