BAQUACIL® Oxidizer

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BAQUACIL® Oxidizer : Product Information

Baquacil® Oxidizer, is a chlorine-free liquid oxidizer of 27% specially-stabilized hydrogen peroxide used to clarify pool water by oxidizing organic compounds (swimmer waste).


Directions For Use:

The concentrated form of Baquacil® Oxidizer should not be allowed to come into contact with any other chemicals. DO NOT MIX Baquacil® Oxidizer AND OTHER PRODUCTS TOGETHER, SINCE A CHEMICAL REACTION PRODUCING HEAT AND GASSES MAY OCCUR. Always add Baquacil® Oxidizer by directly pouring into the pool.


  1. Obtain pool volume and round up to the nearest 5,000 gallon increment
  2. Consult the table below for the start-up and weekly maintenance Baquacil® Oxidizer dosages for your pool volume.


Take a water sample to Arvidson Pools & Spas regularly for a FREE detailed water analysis and follow your the recommendations.


Pool Volume
Opening Dosage
All Systems
Dose (Quarts)
10,000 1 1
15,000 1.5 2
20,000 2 2
25,000 2.5 3
30,000 3 3


Spring opening or conversion to Baquacil® Systems:

Add one gallon of Baquacil® Oxidizer per 10,000 gallons of pool water.  Consult your Baquacil® Pool Care Guide or Arvidson Pools & Spas in-store experts for complete startup directions.



Baquacil® Oxidizer should be added once per week at the rate of one quart per 10,000 gallons of pool water.  (Refer to the dosage table)  Add directly into the pool with the filter running. (DO NOT POUR INTO THE SKIMMER) Test the Baquacil® Oxidizer level weekly using the Baquacil® 4-Way Test Strips.  Add a dose of Baquacil® Oxidizer based on the results of this test.  (Initial dosage or maintenance dosage) Refer to the dosage table.If you are unable to maintain a Baquacil® Oxidizer reading – and the test results indicate an addition of the initial dosage for 2 consecutive weeks, see your authorized Baquacil® Dealer


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