BioGuard Sparkle Up®

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Brand: BioGuard

SKU: BIO23715

BioGuard Sparkle Up® : Product Information

Filter enhancer

  • Restores water sparkle
  • Aids in removal of copper and iron
  • Improves filtration of all filters
  • For use with all filter types
  • Use as needed

Directions For Use

Note: Under no circumstances should filter pressure be allowed to exceed that recommended by the manufacturer.

D.E. Filter

  1. Thoroughly backwash filter, clean skimmer basket and hair & lint basket
  2. Set filter to normal position.
  3. Mix 1 part Sparkle Up and 2 parts D.E. in a clean bucket of water in sufficient quantity for normal filter charge.
  4. Pour this slurry solution through the skimmer with the pump running.
  5. Operate as normal until a new charge is required.

Cartridge Filter

  1. Remove, clean and replace cartridge. Then with pump running, add 8 cups of Sparkle Up per 100 ft2
  2. of filter area.
  3. Clean cartridge when pool clears, or if filter pressure reaches manufacturer’s recommended maximum.

Sand Filter

  1. Thoroughly backwash filter and return to normal position.
  2. Add according to general directions using chart below for dosage amount. (Use cup provided with Sparkle-Up.)
  3. Operate circulation system continuously for 24 hours. Backwash filter after 24 hour operation, or if pressure gauge reaches the maximum operating pressure recommended by the manufacturer.

Filter Diameter 12” 18” 24” 30” 36” 42” 48”
Level Cups 1 cup 2 cups 4 cups 6 cups 9 cups 13 cups 17 cups




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