GAME 4310 Pool Color Changing Return Jet Flow Light

$ 29.99

Introducing the New Game Color Changing Return Jet Light! This Jet Light offers ambient pool lighting without having to hassle with electrical cords or hard-wiring! Just screw this light into to any standard pool wall return line fitting and have an instant lighted pool. 12 Super Bright LED's are powered by force of the water flowing into your pool allowing you to swim at night or light up your pool area for parties! The JET Light offers easy, DIY installation, fits standard 1 1/2-inch pool returns, and has 12 Super Bright long-lasting LED's with a center directional eyeball. Color changing options include: white, slow or fast color changing

Add some fun to your nightly swims and pool parties with this color changing pool light. Running completely off the power of circulated and filtered water that is released from your pool's return jet, this pool light also includes all the tools necessary to attach it to above ground pool jets as well. With the option to choose between white, fading color change, or fast color change, you can opt for a calming and functional light or get the party started with a fun flashes of alternating color. This return jet pool light requires no electricity and connects to a standard 1.5 fitting. Pool light does not inhibit pool filter from circulating water.

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Brand: GAME