SaltScapes ® pH Reducer

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Brand: SaltScapes

SKU: BIO16018

SaltScapes ® pH Reducer : Product Information

Corrects high pH.

Product Information

  • 93.2% sodium bisulfate
  • Lowers pH
  • Protects surfaces and equipment
  • Easier to store and handle than muriatic acid
  • Helps ensure optimal swimmer comfort
  • Quick Dissolving

Directions For Use

Test And Balance

Test pH weekly and maintain pH between 7.2–7.6


Never add more than 1.5 lb per 10,000 gallons at one time.  DO NOT allow undissolved product to remain on the pool surface. Brush undissolved product to avoid discoloration.


per 10,000 GALLONS


acceptable range


3/4 lb


1-1/4 lb

above 8.4

1-1/2 lb

Directions For Use

Broadcast product into the deep end while pool is not in use and pump is running.

For Best Results

Allow the pool to circulate for two hours then retest pH.  Add more product if needed. Brush any undissolved clumps off surface of pool to avoid bleaching.


Test water and enter the pool when pH has reached ideal 7.2–7.6 range.

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