SaltScapes® Test Strips

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Brand: SaltScapes

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SaltScapes® Test Strips : Product Information

To ensure correct salt and balancer levels.

Product Information

  • Balance strips test water balance and chlorine levels
  • Helps ensure swimmer comfort, equipment protection and sanitizer efficiency
  • Salt Strips ensure proper salt range for chlorine generation

Balance test strips


Obtain an 8 oz pool water sample (from elbow-deep in the pool). Dip entire strip into water and remove immediately.

Hold test strip level for 15 seconds. Do not shake excess water from strip.

Compare total hardness, total chlorine, free available chlorine, pH, total alkalinity and stabilizer pads to color chart on bottle.

Suggested Products Based On Test Results

  • If pH is high (D), apply BioGuard® SaltScapes pH Reducer to protect surfaces and equipment.
  • If Free Chlorine is low (A), adjust chlorine generator output to fight bacteria and algae.
  • If Total Chlorine > Free Chlorine, apply BioGuard SaltScapes Chlorine-Free Shock Oxidizer to equalize levels.
  • If Stabilizer is low (A), apply BioGuard SaltScapes SunShield® Stabilizer to protect chlorine from sunlight.
  • If Calcium Hardness is high (C or D), apply BioGuard SaltScapes Scale Defender to defend against scaling.
  • If Total Alkalinity is low (A or B), add BioGuard Balance PAK® 100 to buffer pH levels.

Salt Level Test Strips


  1. Collect a sample of water in a clean small cup. Only about an inch of water is necessary.
  2. Place the test strip into the sample and allow to soak until the yellow band at the top of the strip turns dark.
  3. Remove strip and determine where the top of the light color peak stops. Use this value to compare to the table on the bottle to find the salt level

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