Softswim® C

Categories : Pool Chemicals

Brand: SoftSwim

SKU: BIO22851

Softswim® C : Product Information

IMPORTANT SHIPPING NOTE:  Softswim® C is only available for In-Store Pickup and Delivery With Pool Opening.  It is not available for shipping.


  • 27.5% Hydrogen Peroxide
  • pH 3.0
  • Patented ClearGuard H2O2 stabilizer
  • Powerful oxidizer
  • Enhances water clarity
  • Effectively oxidizes organic waste

Directions For Use

  1. Apply 1 gallon per 10,000 gallons directly to pool water.
  2. Use entire container at one time.
  3. Do not store partial containers.
  4. Maintain SoftSwim C level at 20–60ppm.
  5. Maintenance doses of 1 gallon per 10,000 gallons are usually needed once every month, but may be more frequent with heavy bather loads, extremely warm weather, or heavy rains.
  6. For winterization, test the clarifier level. Add one gallon of SoftSwim C per 10,000 gallons if the clarifier level is 20ppm or higher. Add two gallons of SoftSwim C per 10,000 if the clarifier level is below 20ppm.

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