SpaGuard® Spa Shock-Oxidizer

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Brand: SpaGuard

SKU: BIO42624

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SpaGuard® Spa Shock-Oxidizer : Product Information

IMPORTANT SHIPPING NOTE:  SpaGuard® Spa Shock-Oxidizer 7 lb bottle is only available for In-Store Pickup and Delivery With Pool Opening.  It is not available for shipping.

  • 31% potassium peroxymonosulfate
  • Approximately 3.2% active oxygen
  • pH~8.6
  • Non-Chlorine oxidizer
  • Can be used with chlorinated or brominated spas
  • Does not raise chlorine residual
  • Quick dissolving shock treatment
  • Destroys organic contaminants

Directions For Use

Note: This product does not replace the need for regular application of chlorine or bromine sanitizer.

For Initial Treatment

  1. Apply 2 ounces per 300 gallons with pump running.
  2. Run pump for 15 minutes after addition.

For Routine Maintenance

  1. Apply 1 ounce per 300 gallons weekly.
  2. For heavily used spas, treat twice weekly.

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