BAQUA Spa® Filter Cleaner

Categories : Hot Tub Chemicals

Brand: Baqua Spa

SKU: BQA40803

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BAQUA Spa® Filter Cleaner : Product Information

This product improves filtration and assures good spa water quality by removing body oils, scale and metal deposits from spa filters. Use every 4−6 weeks depending on spa usage.  The concentrated liquid cleaner removes deposits from filter cartridges. Provides powerful citrus cleaning action and a pleasant lemon scent.

Check your owner's manual for details on how to remove the filter for cleaning. Clean your spa filter at least every 4-6 weeks with BAQUA Spa® Filter Cleaner* – follow the label directions. Regular filter cleaning is an important step in your spa care routine and plays a key role in keeping your spa water clear all year long.

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