SpaGuard® Brominating Concentrate

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Brand: SpaGuard

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SpaGuard® Brominating Concentrate : Product Information

  • 82.5% sodium dichloro-s-triazinetrione
  • 14.7% sodium bromide
  • pH~4.5
  • One step fast dissolving brominating granules
  • Acts as a sanitizer and an oxidizer; no need for two products
  • May be added directly to spa, no predissolving needed

Directions For Use

For Routine Maintenance

  1. Apply 1 teaspoon per 200 gallons every 15–20 minutes to reach a bromine residual of 3–6ppm.
  2. Test regularly to determine the frequency of additional doses of product.
  3. Add as needed to maintain 3–6ppm.

For Super Oxidation

  1. Add 4 teaspoons per 200 gallons.
  2. May be needed nightly in a heavily used spa or as infrequently as once-a-week in a moderately used spa.

For Treatment Of Visible Algae

  1. Brush spa surfaces.
  2. Start circulation system operating without air injection (if possible).
  3. Add 4 teaspoons of this product for each 200 gallons of water.
  4. Allow system to circulate for 15–20 minutes.
  5. Treatment may be repeated in 24 hours if algae are still present.

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