SpaGuard Rapid-Dissolve pH Decreaser Tabs 1.25 lb

Categories : Hot Tub Chemicals

Brand: SpaGuard

SKU: BIO42662

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SpaGuard Rapid-Dissolve pH Decreaser Tabs 1.25 lb : Product Information

SpaGuard Rapid-Dissolve pH Decreaser Tabs will quickly lower the pH level of water in spas. The pH level should be maintained at 7.2-7.6 as measured by an accurate test strip or kit. This dry tablet is much safer and easier to use than liquid acids. Using this product regularly will help make maintaining proper water balance a breeze.

  • Quickly decrease pH level of the water
  • Easy application to achieve maximum bather comfort
  • Protect spa equipment and surfaces


  1. Test the pH in the spa or swim spa water.
  2. Use the chart below and the result of the pH test to determine the required amount of Rapid-Dissolve pH Tabs needed to adjust the pH to maintain a reading of 7.2 to 7.6.
  3. Be sure the spa or swim spa's total alkalinity reading is at least 125 ppm before adding this product.
  4. With gloves, apply tablet(s) directly to the filter compartment with jet pump running when spa is not occupied.
  5. Retest pH after at least 15 minutes and adjust as necessary.

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