Skimmer Plug - Small - 9"

Categories : Pool Accessories, Pool Parts

Brand: Arvidson Pools & Spas


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Skimmer Plug - Small - 9" : Product Information

Protect your skimmer from winter freeze damage with a skimmer plug (referred to as a "skimmer guard" or a "gizzmo")

The skimmer plug is one of the most popular pool products ever invented. Every pool has a skimmer. When water freezes it expands and that expansion breaks the skimmer. The skimmer plug absorbs the expansion. The water crushes the skimmer plug instead of destroying the skimmer. It's That Simple! The Small Skimmer Guard is 9" Long and should be used for above ground pools. The 9" skimmer plug has 1 1/2 inch threads.

Directions For Use

Just screw the skimmer plug into your skimmers to absorb any expansion caused by freezing water. The freezing water will actually compress the skimmer plug instead of expanding outward and cracking your skimmer.

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