Aladdin Go-Kit 15 Pump Gasket & Seal Kit Jacuzzi R & RC

Categories : Hot Tub Parts

Brand: Aladdin


Aladdin Go-Kit 15 Pump Gasket & Seal Kit Jacuzzi R & RC : Product Information

Aladdin Go Kit 15

For Jacuzzi R & RC Series

Kit Includes:

1    -     AS-972 Seal
2    -     AO-264 Brkt/Case O-Ring
2    -     AO-39 Plug O-Ring
1    -     AO-336 Strainer O-Ring after 7/98
1    -     AO-316 Diffuser Square O-Ring

Aladdins Pump & Valve Repair Kits are the easy and convenient way to service and repair pumps and valves. Aladdin has taken the guess work out of identifying and selecting the parts needed to service the most common pump and valve repair applications. All of the essential replacement parts are packaged together as one complete kit. Each kit contains the proper quantities of each of the parts needed including o-rings, gaskets, seals, and connectors. Each kit also contains a package of Aladdins Magic Lube - the PTFE-based sealant/lubricant with the USDA H-1 rating for environmental safety or Magic Lube II - Silicone for valve kits. s pool and spa pumps

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