Double Water Tube

Categories : Pool Accessories

Brand: Arvidson Pools & Spas


Double Water Tube : Product Information

Double water tubes are used for holding down an inground pool winter cover or an above ground pool that has a deck around it. Made from a high grade heavy duty vinyl, these rugged dual tubes will hold up through the harsh winter months and will last year after year. Simply fill 1/2 full with a garden hose and lay flat end to end all the way around the perimeter of the top of the cover. The weight of the water tubes will help to keep the winter cover from blowing around in high winds. If you have an above ground pool with a deck partially around it, use the cable around the portion that does not have the deck and use the tubes for the portion that does. Do not use water tubes if your pool does not have a deck or patio around it.

  • Large Dual Tube Design
  • Leak Proof Cap
  • Heavy Duty Industrial Strength Vinyl
  • Available in two lengths 8' and 10'

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