BioGuard CLC 3 (8 lb)

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BioGuard CLC 3 (8 lb)

BioGuard Swimming Pool Multi-Purpose Granular Chlorine

CLC3 is a multi-purpose granular chlorine that when used as needed, provides a residual source of chlorine to keep water clean and clear. It also works great as a super-chlorinator treatment for everything from cloudy water to high combined chlorine levels and algae growth. It is extremely easy to use and can be applied without the hassle of pre-dissolving. When used as part of a BioGuard Care System or for other periodic maintenance, CLC3 will protect your pool from contaminants that cause cloudy water, musty odors and eye irritation. It also works to keep your pool free of algae growth and help eliminate disease-causing organisms when used on a regular basis.

57.8% Calcium Hypochlorite

57.8% Available Chlorine

pH 10.2

Sanitizer, Shock & Super Chlorinator

Maintains Brilliantly Clear Water

Kills Bacteria

Destroys Organic Contaminants and Kills Algae

Quick Dissolving

Suitable for Vinyl and Plaster Swimming Pools

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Brand: BioGuard