HotSpring UpRite Cover Lifter

Categories : Hot Tub Accessories

Brand: HotSpring Spas

SKU: WAT37876

HotSpring UpRite Cover Lifter : Product Information

A hot tub cover lifter makes it quick and easy to lift your hot tub cover off and on. Without a hot tub cover lifter opening and closing your spa can be a 2-person job. Our hot tub cover lifters also help extend the life of your cover by keeping them off the ground and reducing wear and tear.

The UpRite cover lifter is ideal for limited clearance applications, such as if your hot tub is on a small patio or deck, or under a gazebo. This system allows the cover to fold up behind the spa bar top, requiring just 7” of back clearance and 3” of side clearance. Not only does the UpRite fit into tighter spaces, it also creates a convenient sight barrier when open, so you can enjoy privacy as you soak in your home spa.

  • Requires 7” back clearance and 3” side clearance.
Actual back and side clearance may vary depending on spa model and location.

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