Mineraluxe 1 Month Stabilized Chlorinating Granules System

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Brand: Mineraluxe


Mineraluxe 1 Month Stabilized Chlorinating Granules System : Product Information


200g Stabilized Chlorinating Granules
40g sachets of Oxygen
5 Mineraluxe Cubes

Mineraluxe Stabilized Chlorine Granules

Mineraluxe Stabilized Chlorine Granules contains 56% Sodium Dichloro Isocyanuric Acid for controlling harmful micro-organisms in hot tub water. Fast dissolving, totally soluble – ideal for regular hand feed applications.

      • Chlorine sanitizer (HOCl) in slow dissolving tablet form
      • Effective at keeping water safe
      • Use as a primary sanitizer and as a boost when required
      • Totally soluble, won’t cloud water

Mineraluxe Oxygen

Mineraluxe Oxygen provides a deep cleanse for your hot tub. This once a week application will oxidize your water and bring it back to an ultra clean and clear state. Conveniently packaged in pre-measured 40g sachets for ease and convenience.

      • Enhanced Activated Oxygen & Polishers
      • Breaks down wastes
      • Clarifies and Polishes Water
      • Lint, dead skin, dirt – reduced or filtered out
      • Works synergistically with CUBE

Mineraluxe Cubes

The Mineraluxe Cube is the star of the Mineraluxe system. It’s an advanced weekly mineral treatment, featuring a blend of natural minerals fused with advanced cleanse and repel technology. It will leave your hot tub squeaky clean and will dramatically reduce the scaling of heaters, jets, surfaces and equipment.

      • A fusion of Natural Minerals
      • “Cleanse & Repels” for squeaky clean surfaces
      • Loosens debris and biofilm and prevents from reattaching
      • Reduces sanitizer requirement
      • Maximizes comfort and enjoyment
      • Infused with skin conditioners for a soft, silky feel
      • Fresh “Spring Rain” scent

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