Pool Eye Pool Immersion Alarm W/ Remote Receiver

Categories : Pool Accessories

Brand: SmartPool


Pool Eye Pool Immersion Alarm W/ Remote Receiver : Product Information

This product is the result of years of research and development and is loaded with patented features that will make your swimming environment a safer area for yourself, your family, guests, and pets. This product has been designed using innovative and intelligent software coupled with high-tech sensors to provide you with an efficient yet troublefree solution to pool security. It has been engineered to detect the intrusion into the pool by a young child, without annoying false alarms caused by wind, rain, pool filters, floating objects, or automatic cleaners. It has been tested to the toughest standards all over the world and is now ready for your

  • Certified to ASTM F2208 
  • Can be used for Inground and Aboveground Pools up to 18’ x 36’ 
  • Automatically Resets Within 3 Minutes of Leaving the Pool 
  • In-Home Remote Siren - Receives Signal up to 100’ Away 
  • Easy to install 
  • Includes Deck Mounting Bracket and Remote Receiver 
  • Battery Powered 
  • Low battery indicator 
  • Magnetic Key for Activating/Resetting 
  • 1 Remote can be used with Multiple Alarms 
  • Additional Alarm may be used for Larger Pools 
  • Poolside Siren 85+ db @10 ft 
  • 1-Year Warranty 
  • Attractive 4-Color Retail Packaging

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