Poolife Cell Cleaner 8 oz

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Brand: Arvidson Pools & Spas

SKU: ACI62071

Poolife Cell Cleaner 8 oz : Product Information

Poolife Cell Cleaner extends your salt chlorine generator’s cell life. Cleans cell quickly and effectively.

Poolife Cell Cleaner is a strong acid. When handling this material, wear proper safety equipment (rubber gloves, goggles and protective clothing). Add 4-5 gallons of water to a plastic bucket. Carefully add the full bottle of cell cleaner to the bucket and stir to mix thoroughly using a plastic or wooden stirrer. Caution: Add cleaner to water and not water to cleaner. Carefully follow manufacturers instructions for removing cell. Exposed metal contacts which connect to the electrode should be covered with waterproof tape. Emerge cell carefully in diluted cleaner. Let soak for 60 minutes. Wearing gloves and goggles remove the cell and rinse with clean water. Remove covering from contacts and replace the unit per manufactures instructions. Dispose of spent cleaning solution by pouring into the pool, adjust pH if needed.