Caldera @ease SmartChlor Test Strips

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Brand: Caldera

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Caldera @ease SmartChlor Test Strips : Product Information

@ease Test Strips are important to use when using the @ease Floating or In-Line Sanitizing Systems.

The SmartChlor Technology in FROG @ease works completely differently than standard chlorine for hot tubs. While normal test strips show a total and free chlorine reading, FROG @ease shows a SmartChlor Out indicator. If your test strip color for SmartChlor is lighter than the color on the bottle label, then it is time to change your SmartChlor cartridge. If it is darker, you know everything is working well.

@ease test strips have taken all of the guess work out of hot tub water care. You no longer have to worry about shocking the water when the total chlorine reading doesn't match the free chlorine reading. The self-regulating properties of SmartChlor are basically doing the shocking for you. The result is a consistent low free chlorine level always ready to keep your hot tub clean and clear.


  • SmartChlor Technology Test Strips
  • Single Color Match for Easy Reading
  • For use with Frog @ease Floating or In-Line Sanitizing Systems
  • 30 Strips Per Bottle

Tests for:

  • SmartChlor
  • pH
  • Total Alkalinity
  • Calcium Hardness

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