BioGuard Zero Phos

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Brand: BioGuard

SKU: BIO25769

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BioGuard Zero Phos : Product Information

BioGuard Zero Phos is a powerful and effective high level phosphate remover. Using this product will drop your phosphate levels to near zero in just 24 hours. Ideally your phosphate level should be zero, but whether your level is at 500 ppb to over 2,000 ppb, this product will help reduce it. Phosphates can get into your pool from source water, consistent bad weather, and ground runoff. No matter the source, BioGuard Zero Phos is a necessary product to get your phosphate level back under control.


Make sure all pool equipment is working properly, including pump, filter, skimmer, and heater.

  1. Backwash and rinse filter according to manufacturer's instructions.
  2. Apply BioGuard Zero Phos directly to the skimmer or around the edges of the pool according to the chart. For pools less than 10,000 gallons, do not exceed 16 fl oz.
  3. Allow pump and filter to run continuously for 24-48* hours. Pool water may cloud upon addition, but will clear within 48 hours.
  4. After 48 hours, backwash and rinse the filter according to the manufacturer's instructions.

*If the filter pressure increases 8-10 psi above normal operating pressure, backwash and rinse filter accordingly.

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