Natural Chemistry Spray-On Pool Cover Cleaner

Categories : Pool Chemicals

Brand: Natural Chemistry


Natural Chemistry Spray-On Pool Cover Cleaner : Product Information

Using the power of SMARTZyme technology, Spray-On Cleaner breaks down non-living organic contaminants that build up and soil covers, patio screens, patio furniture and surfaces. Saves time and excessive scrubbing.

Works great on: 

  • all pool and hot tub covers - keeping covers clean will extend cover life
  • patio screens - reduces scrubbing
  • patio/deck furniture and surfaces
  • boats and RVs


  1. Attach garden hose to product applicator
  2. With water turned on, adjust product applicator clockwise to MIX. Proceed with steady even distribution of product over surface to be cleaned
  3. Allow to soak for at least 15 minutes (soak longer if needed)
  4. Lightly brush heavily soiled areas if necessary
  5. Rotate product applicator counter clockwise to WATER in order to rinse off surface being cleaned

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