SpaGuard Rapid Dissolve Chlorine Tabs 1.25 lb

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Brand: SpaGuard

SKU: BIO42665

SpaGuard Rapid Dissolve Chlorine Tabs 1.25 lb : Product Information

This tab is a convenient way to administer chlorine and clarifier to keep spa water clean and clear. It is a compressed erosion-style tab composed of dichlor and alum that will quickly dissolve after just a few minutes following application to the filter compartment.

Add 1 tab in up to 600 gallons on a weekly basis to maintain a free chlorine
residual of 3-5 ppm. These tabs are designed to be applied to the filter compartment. The clarifying component of these tabs will coat the filter cartridge and grab hold of microscopic contaminants easily. Be sure to chemically clean the filter cartridge regularly. NOTE: These tabs are not recommended in spas with non-traditional surfaces such as cedar, or bleachable surfaces like soft-sided tubs.


  • Quick-dissolving sanitizer and oxidizer.
  • Single-dose, 1” tab per 300/600 gallons – 1200-2700 liters weekly.
  • Administers 3-5ppm of free chlorine.
  • Kills and prevents bacteria.
  • Convenient tabs that quickly respond to key challenges in smaller bodies of water like spas and swim spas.

 Directions for Use

  1. Simply drop a tab in the water, then watch it disperse chemicals without any added effort.

Recommended For

  • Killing and preventing bacteria.

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